It is imperative for any individual who owns a small project to try to modify and develop that project by adopting new methods, revising the level of production in the workplace and adapting the accelerated progress all the time in various arenas to reach satisfactory profits, wide spread and high merit. In the field of modernization of meager projects, the project must take an upward curve from its inception and work to modernize it in all possible ways and use the experience lost in the field of the project and benefit from it as well as permanent research, whether from the Internet or books and magazines that can have similar experiences and have been successfully completed to the fullest.

1- Working to diversify the sources of income allocated to the project:

This means opening the horizon of the entrepreneur’s thinking and expanding the project by offering other services related to the project field.

2 – Seek to contract with official bodies: 

For small entrepreneurs, if you are contracted with any official aspect in the field of competence of your company, this tries to strengthen confidence in your project to what is common among people to trust in any field that contains trading with official bodies.

3 – Permanent training for employees:

The field of employment and the market is characterized by rapid development and new daily it is likely to work for the benefit of employees working in a small project and the work of training courses on modern methods of technology, which enhances their efficiency and makes the job smooth to the fullest.

4. Marketing the project well:

The presence of experience in the field of marketing in particular makes the success of small projects well as marketing is the language of the times and how many projects have succeeded from nothing as a result of good marketing to them.



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