Apple lost its last round of patent disputes over the features of secure messaging in its applications, leaving the company forced to pay a financial penalty of up to $ 502 million, according to the latest advances in its eight-year legal battle.
A federal jury in Texas ruled that Cupertino’s giant had violated four patents belonging to the Internet security company VirnetX, in the process of acquiring secure communications within the applications iMessage, FaceTime and VPN on Demand.
According to the verdict, VirnetX is entitled to an allowance for the alleged infringement of $ 502 million, a small amount to match the company’s profits, earning $ 20 billion in the first quarter of this year, while the Internet Security Corporation earned only $ 1.5 million in revenue. In the whole of 2017.
Last year, the court ordered Apple to pay $ 440 million in compensation to VirnetX
Its location in Nevada, and even the Apple Foundation has repeatedly appealed the verdict, denied the infringement of its machines to virnetX patents, and faced previous losses.
In 2014, a higher court overturned a previous verdict in favor of VirnetX, which resulted in a retrial between Apple and the company founded by former engineers who developed CIA secure communications technology and owns up to 80 patents for secure messages.
Kendall Larsen, chief executive of VirnetX, told Bloomberg that the amount of the allowance was fair. The damage was based on sales of more than 400 million Apple devices. Despite the loss, Apple, which has yet to comment on the ruling, has Some possible ways out of the impasse.


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