Find out how to keep your fragrance steady for long periods during summer days and hot weather.

Tired of not being able to keep your scent for a long time, especially during the summer? As temperatures rise and excessive sweating the fragrance fades away quickly, which can make you embarrassed many times. However, there are a few simple tricks that allow you to keep an attractive aroma for long hours despite the hot weather. Discover these effective tricks from the most famous perfume experts to keep your fragrance longer.

1- Enrich the fragrance immediately after bathing

Did you know that the pores of the skin fully bloom while bathing? With the installation of hot water vapor, it illuminates the pores of the skin. Therefore, you can apply the fragrance immediately after bathing so that the fragrance particles penetrate into the pores and last longer. This trick is one of the most effective tricks that you can apply several times during the week to keep the smell attractive and refreshing on your body and last for a long time.

2 – Do not store your perfume in the bathroom

If you want to keep fragrances with an attractive and persistent scent, do not store them in the bathroom cabinet or in any wet place. Keep in mind that excessive heat, light and moisture are the factors that cause the decomposition of fragrance molecules and the loss of aromatic quality and efficiency. Instead, keep your perfume in a cool, dry place away from sunlight in your bedroom or in your wardrobe.

3 – Apply scented lotion to your body

Many international cosmetic brands offer complete fragrances with the same scent. You can buy these aromatic collections, which include perfume water, moisturizing lotion and bathing. Using care products with the same scent as your perfume will help to keep the smell attractive for longer. The moisturizing lotion also contains some essential oils that give you a refreshing, long-lasting scent.

4- Sprinkle the fragrance on your hair and clothes

Not only do you have to spread the fragrance on your body to last long, but also spread it on your hair and clothes. If you are wearing a soft scarf, what about a little fragrance for a fresh, long-lasting scent? Also, sprinkle a little fragrance on your hair for more freshness. But be careful not to cause any stains or stains on clothes.


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