In your search for a reputable uninvent reputation around the worlersity with an excelled, in this article, we rank the best universities in the world in order, according to a set of specifications and international standards.

The reputation of the university in which the student is studying and its place among the universities of the world is one of the advantages that benefit the student upon graduation in the search for a job opportunity or to continue studying, so we find students looking for the classification of the university that they will study among the universities of the world, and looking for the best.

The best universities in the world in order

Firstly: Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, British, has been ranked # 1 in QS for the sixth time in six consecutive years, thanks to 1000 faculty and academics from around the world, as well as collaborating with many universities to create programs and courses. Its graduates received 85 Nobel Prizes.

Physical sciences, engineering, biology, linguistics, economics and management are some of the oldest disciplines in this institute.

Second: Stanford University

Stanford University is located in America

 Founded in 1885, it ranks second in QS worldwide, but few international students are enrolled. Stanford University offers students online study and free courses.

Third: Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the best universities in the world and the oldest in America, was founded in 1636, and has been ranked first in the world for many years, and is characterized by difficult conditions in the admission of students to study, and the study of many famous personalities around the world, such as: Bill Gates, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Mark Zuckerberg…. And others.

Harvard has 15 colleges with 46 undergraduate courses and 134 postgraduate courses, with approximately 21,000 students

Fourth: California Institute of Technology

California Institute (Caltech) in America is characterized by the evolution of its level and ranking from the fifth in the world, to the fourth according to the QS classification. This institute is specialized in the establishment of special research for SANA, projects and research in the field of engineering, mathematics and physical sciences.

Fifth: Cambridge University

Sixth: University of Oxford

Seventh: University College London

Ninth: University of Chicago

Tenth: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich


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