Sometimes we forget a particular name, title or idea, thoughts get confused in our mind, or we can’t remember a specific issue. They are minor lapses in memory that do not cause panic. Here are 4 tips to strengthen your brain and improve memory.

Memory is associated with neurotransmitters that send, receive, store and search for information. These neurotransmitters are formed by the foods we eat, four of which are extremely important – dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). These carriers move at different speeds, but they coordinate with each other in great harmony to make the brain function properly.

Improved focus

Focus means working memory that gives us the ability to express ourselves and develop strategies to reach our goal, taking into account all the data. Concentration is made easier by dopamine, which is obtained from animal proteins. Dopamine deficiency can be felt in the body when you wake up in the morning with a strong sense of intellectual fatigue despite sleeping for hours.

Foods that supply the body with dopamine include: red meat, black chocolate, wheat germ, blue cheese, parmesan cheese and egg whites.

Optical memory booster

Visual memory allows you to understand and save faces, colors, and shapes. People who are able to return to a place they have visited only once are said to already have important visual memory. It turns out that serotonin is the substance responsible for strengthening this memory. Poultry meat, red beans, quinoa and pumpkin pulp can be taken to increase tryptophan precautions in the body, thereby enhancing the level of serotonin.

 Improve verbal memory

It is a memory that allows us to utter and understand words, sentences, and stories. It turns out that the GABA neurotransmitter, which stimulates relaxation, calmness and brain stability, has a significant role in this memory. Then eat royal jelly, vegetables and pulses that boost the GABA level in the body, otherwise, we have trouble remembering the names of the people and places we are supposed to know.

 Short-term memory enhancement

Short-term memory works quickly, contributing to intuition, intuition, creativity and thinking. Its good functioning is linked to acetylcholine, the main neurotransmitter of brain elasticity. Healthy fats are the best source of acetylcholine, such as egg yolk, duck liver, geese, prawns, sardines, salmon, pine nuts and avocados.

It is worth noting that we suffer from memory lapses more frequently and lack creativity in the event of a shortage of acetylcholine.


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Final Verdict

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