Many motorists are experiencing some problems while driving, including overheating of the engine and is one of the most prominent problems and there is more than one reason for this problem.

When the engine suddenly overheats, the driver must immediately take the right lane of the road, stop the car in a place by the road, and check his car.

Conditions must be followed when checking the engine

When the radiator water is detected, do not open the lid and the engine is hot so that the pressure of the hot water does not burst you.

It is preferable to supply radiator water through the radiator bladder up to the upper mark level, and note that the level is high

Water in the radiator bladder increases and decreases automatically depending on the condition of the engine. It increases and the engine is hot and decreases when the engine is cooled, due to the increased pressure and defect that occurs in the radiator during the heat and cold.

Causes of high car temperature

1 – Disruption of the control of the movement of water in the coil, which controls the temperature of the engine where it prevents water from entering the water cooler to the engine and keep the valve closed, resulting in overheating of the engine.

2 – automatic failure of the fan, which makes the fan does not rotate fast enough

3 – The cooling fan in the front-wheel drive, which is driven by an electric motor separate from the car engine, malfunction and there is a sensor that controls the fan on or off depending on the engine temperature.

When this device or the fan motor itself crashes, the fan will not work with the engine overheating.

Ways to solve the problem of overheating the car

Make sure the cooling fan is safe to operate, and after the engine has cooled, the radiator cover can be opened and there is water inside.

Ensure the safety of the radiator water bladder and have water inside it to the required level.

– Ensure the safety of the radiator cover.

Ensure the safety of the radiator itself and that there is nothing blocking air from it.

Check the radiator and supply water. The right temperature for your engine is very important.


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