Individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle through a diet that contains nutrients and minerals essential to body health and through regular exercise. These healthy habits are an essential approach to maintaining a body capable of fighting germs and malignant diseases and stimulating circulation. However, people make some mistakes without paying attention to how dangerous they are to their bodies. So, we give you some basic tips to get good results.

First, the human body burns a lot of energy during exercise. Therefore, the body must be provided with protein and carbohydrates to help it conserve energy and build muscle and delay feel fatigue.

Second, these factors are among the most important reasons that hinder the process of weight loss despite the effort made during exercise:

1 – not change the previous diet and reduce calories consumed daily.

2 – not to sleep enough hours during the night, where the body needs between 7 and 9 hours a day.

3 – not to drink enough water because it contributes to the elimination of fat in the body.

4 – The deprivation of eating is similar to adopting one main meal during the day during the diet, which hinders the process of weight loss.

5 – not to combine cardio exercises and iron because it helps in the body tighten and get rid of fat and build muscle.

Third, Follow these correct rules during exercises!

1. The body must be protected before starting exercise.

2 – must eat food after the completion of exercise.

3 – must exercise all muscles of the body and focus on the places that the individual wants.

4 – should be diversified in the exercise and exercise not to persist in one type only.

5 – stop exercising without eating, but on the contrary must eat meals regularly in order to provide your body with energy.


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