Firms are always outsourcing content and looking for freelancers to work with them to achieve their business goals. So, if you are a freelancer or hoping to become one, high chances are that your services are in demand. All you have to do is to seek these opportunities and start earning money. Today, different websites have sprung up to be the medium between clients and online journalists. Here are the top 5 that can help you kick-start and biuld your career:

TOP platform

If the idea of journalism interests you, The Online Publishers TOP platform is an excellent entry into becoming a well-established freelance journalist. The website features a wide range of tasks based on a variety of journalistic work. It also offers an opportunity to edit other people’s work and smooth out creases for good pay.


When it comes to customization, TOP allows you to add your logo, colors, and even image to the header. You can also choose either a stream or a grid-based layout. Moreover, it is an excellent place to reach out to likeminded people or experts in your field. It has no distractions, ads, and attracts serious clients who care about the quality of your journalism.

The site was developed explicitly for freelance journalists. It offers you an easy and quick way to show off various clips. You will be allowed to upload PDFs, add links, or embed multimedia pieces such as podcasts. It also offers an open directory where clients can browse and find potential interviewees for the story you want to cover.

The site is simple to use and does not need a lot of customization. It features a free basic version and an upgrade version. The upgraded version will include downloadable resumes, many clippings, password-protected features, and portfolio.

Journal portfolio

On this website, you can develop an up-to-date, no-fuss online presence. The dashboard is easy to navigate and allows you to customize the appearance of your site using eight distinct themes. You can also sort your clips into any number of content blocks or pages.

Moreover, it features a range of ways you could share materials or link directly to the clips. You simply have to type in the URL, and the site will take hold of the title, date, publication, and content. Also, it lets you upload virtually any type of multimedia, such as videos, PDFs, and images.


Tailored to online journalists, Contently is a robust platform where you can run your whole content creation process under one roof. You can organize your posts using the tagging tool or flesh out your editorial strategy utilizing the site’s customizable production calendar. Besides, you can use the site’s Smart content review to make sure the content is aligned to your subject, legally compliant, and optimized for search.

Furthermore, the site allows you to compare you’re the performance of your content against the industry benchmarks. The performance can be gauged by format, topic, and source within the platform and can be used to refine your content strategy.


Medium is a platform of expression for talented writers and journalists. On this site, the primary focus is on content. Nonetheless, you can only publish stories about your brand but cannot build the brand itself. To access jobs for journalists, you need to sign up for the partner program and begin to write quality posts that will be reviewed by the site’s editors. The posts will then be recommended to Medium subscribers. Whenever the members read or applaud the work, you will earn your money. The payments come from the readers and not through social shares or ads.


The only downside of Medium is that you cannot own your domain, and it has minimal designs customizability.

Bottom Line

Freelance journalists can succeed by writing well-informed and entertaining pieces as well as subscribing to different online platforms. But, when choosing the best platform, you should keep in mind that your end goal is to attract clients and make money. The Online Publishers TOP platform is by the most popular and most versatile pick. Offering services in different languages, it has innumerable plugins and themes that will help you to customize your profile. Moreover, it has a regular flow of jobs for journalists.